How Stuff Works

Marshall Brain's site offers a comprehensive array of clearly written explanations on the function of all manner of things, from how jet engines run to how M1 tanks work to how digital cameras make their colorful images. This info-packed Web site also offers lots of explanatory images and animations, including--boob-tube fans, take note--what happens when you shoot your TV.

Bridge Building¿Art and Science

The fundamentals of bridge design, engineering and construction are discussed in this well-produced site. It considers all aspects of bridges beyond the technical. After you've absorbed some of the basics, you can try your hand as an engineer and design your own model bridges.

Animated Engines

Motorhead Matt Keveney has done a great job of producing simple animations of just about every kind of engine conceivable--including several flavors of internal combustion, steam and Stirling engines. His lucidly rendered schematic movies and the brief accompanying descriptions make understanding engine workings a snap.

A Sightseer's Guide to Engineering

Take your appreciation for engineering to new places. Sponsored by the National Society of Professional Engineers and Engineering Week, this Web guide helps travelers in the U.S. plan visits to engineering marvels in every state. Search by state, engineering discipline or type of site.

Inventors Museum

The engineers and inventors of yesterday are responsible for much of the way things operate in the world today. At this site, you'll learn about the people behind the clever designs; inventors are grouped in categories including transportation tech, war tech, colonial and inventor of the month.


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