The Virtual Autopsy

This Web site allows you to be the pathologist. You're presented with several case studies including symptoms, examination and test results, progression of the case and an "interactive cadaver." Now, Quincy, what was the cause of death?


Facing cancer in yourself, a family member or a friend can be a devastating trial. Knowledge is perhaps one of the most powerful tools for getting through the experience, and in that regard, CancerTrack provides a notable and helpful service. Albert Vara, the editor of the site, maintains up-to-date links to more than 2,000 authoritative sources on the disease, and the news section is updated every 15 minutes.

The Center for Mental Health Services Knowledge Exchange Network

Mental health is one of those topics that nobody seems to want to talk about, but nearly everyone has to deal within themselves, their family, their friends or in their coworkers. Here's a reliable place to find out what you need to know. This comprehensive site covers various mental-health maladies, along with their causes and treatment.

Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the World

When you experience input from your senses, what is actually happening in your body and mind? This entertaining and informative offering from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute brings the visitor through a series of articles explaining the human senses and how they link to, and communicate with, the brain.

ALtruis Biomedical Network

This useful collection of informational Web sites on popular medical issues and medical research topics provides an easy way to get up to speed on everything from men's and women's health problems to allergies to stem cells. Each main topic has about half a dozen subtopics, which lead to detailed pages peppered with helpful links to explain the medical terms.


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