Physics 2000

This site promises "an interactive journey through modern physics"and it doesn't disappoint in that regard. There are areas that focus on the underlying basic science concepts behind many devices used today and classical quantum physics; the generous use of applets help bring the concepts to full-motion life.

The Official String Theory Web Site

This well-written Web site provides an accessible survey of superstrings, the leading theory of what makes up the universe at its deepest level. Basic and advanced tracks tie superstrings to particle physics, cosmology and black holes, while a People section introduces some of the star researchers in the field.

The Pendulum Lab

Perform "hands-on" experiments with rigid pendula in this virtual laboratory. In doing so, you can learn something about oscillatory motion, harmonics and resonance, even nonlinear dynamics and chaos. The accompanying written discussions explain the underlying math and physics.

Gallery of Fluid Mechanics

Some extraordinarily cool images can be found in this nicely produced Web gallery, which depicts the fascinating behavior of moving fluids as exemplified by waves, vortices, the solar aurora, shockwaves, condensation and more. Explanatory writeups on the physics behind the phenomena are provided as well.

Werner Heisenberg and the Uncertainty Principle

Recently portrayed in the Tony-winning play, Copenhagen, Werner Heisenberg was a pioneer of quantum mechanics and a leading figure in Hitler's nuclear research program. This authoritative Web site, based on David Cassidy's biography, takes the reader through Heisenberg's eventful life and work.

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