&e. Back Numbers and Volumes—In reply to many interrogatories as to what bach:. numbers and volumes of the Scientifio American can be furnished, we make the following statement :—Of Volumes 1, 2 and 3—none. Of Volume 4, about 20 Nos., price 50 cts. Of Volume 5, all but four numbers, price, in sheets, $1. Of Volume 6, all; price in sheets, $2; bound, $2,75 Of Vol. 7, all; price in sheets, $2; bound, $2,75.' Of Vol. 8, all the back iinumbers, at the subscription price. Prizes—Our subscribers will please to consider the great inducement offered clubs, and to keep in mind the valuable prizes offered for the four largest lists ofmail subscribers. Patent Claims—Persons desiring the claims of any invention which has been patented within fourteen years, can obtain a copy by addressing a letter to this office—stating the name of the pa tentee, and enclosing onedollar as fee for copying Patent Laws, and Guide to Inventors.—We publish, and have for sale, the Patent Laws ofthe United States. The pamphlet contains not only the laws but all information touching the rules • and regulation of the Patent Office. Price 121-2 eta. per copy. Foreign Subscribers—Our Canada and Nova Scotia patrons are solicited to compete with our citizens for the valuable prizes offered on the present Volume. [It is important that all who reside out of the States should remember to send fifty cents additional to the published rates for each yearly subscriber 5 that amount we are obliged to pre-pay on postage.] Give Intelligible Directions—We often receive letters with moneyenclosed, requesting the paper sent for the amount of the enclosure, but no name of State given, and often with the name of the post office also omitted. Persons should be careful to write their names plainly when they address publishers, and to name the post office at which they wish to receive their paper, and the State in which the post office is located. Patentees—Remember we are always willing to execute and publish engravings of your inventions, provided they are on interesting subjects, and have never appeared in any other publication. No engravings are inserted in our columns that have appeared in any other journal in this country, and we must be permitted to have the engraving executed to suit our own columns in size and style. Barely the expense of the engraving is charged by us, and the wood-cuts may be claimed by the inventor, and subsequently used to advantage in other journals. ADVERTISEMENTS. Term* of Advertising. 4 lines, for each insertion, - - 50cts. 8 “ “ “ - « $1,00 12 “ “"- « $1,50 16 “ “ “ - - $2,00 Advertisements exceeding 16 lines cannot be admitted ; neither can engravings be inserted in the advertising columns at any price. All advertisements must be paid for before inserting. THE SATURDAY EVENING POST-The Leading Literary Weekly.—Over thirty-one years have elapsed since the Saturday Evening Post was commenced; its circulation being now greater than at any former period. The publishers design giving, during the coming year, with other original matter, the following novelets : “ ' Clara Moreland,” by Emerson Bennett; “ Miss Thusa's Spinning Wheel,” by Mrs. Lee Hentz ; “ A Stray Patch from Aunt Hannah's Quilt,” by Mrs. Frances D. Gage, of Ohio; The Lost Heiress, a Story of Howlet Hall,” by Mrs E. D. E. N . Southworth, author of “ The Deserted Wife,” etc., together with Agricultural Articles, General News, Engravings, Miscellaneous matter, Humorous Sketches, Foreign Letters, 'c Terms (cash in advance) : Single copy, per annum, $2; 4 copies, $5 ; 9 copies, $10; 14 copies, $15 ; 21 copies, $20. AddressDEACON&PETERSON, No. 66 South 3d st., Philadelphia. numbers sent when requested.