MESSRS, EDITORS—I cannot let this opportunity pass of thanking you for the able manner in which your paper has treated many important subjects of late. Its firm unyielding opposition to all forms of humbug and imposture, which come before the world under the name of " new invention," has prevented many unscientific persons from investing their property in worthless machinery. Its strict construction of such patent " claims " as have of late grown so broad as to become unjust monopolies, and threaten to retard rather than facilitate the business operations of the country has been of great service. It has very properly exposed the hyperbolical statements of the daily press in regard to the novelty and efficiency of machines and apparatus of doubtful utility, and convinced the public that Technology is a department of knowledge in which most of our newspaper editors are sadly deficient. I wish you complete and continued success in all your undertakings for the advancement of the useful arts. S. D. T. Seneca Falls, N. Y., July 30, 1853. [The above letter is irom one of our most intelligent readers ; it is a spontaneous tribute —we shall always endeavor to merit such opinions.