Dr. Samuel J. Stratford, of Toronto, Canada, has asked Nova- Scotia for a salt-water lake. He desires to make a fish nursery for salmon, lobsters, oysters, &c. The French have lately been turning their attention to schemes of the kind, and the doctor thinks he could carry out successfully at Lake Bras d'Or, in Cape Breton, a plan which, he says, would prevent the extirpation which threatens these floating aliments of man. He pro poses to erect defences at Barra Strait, which would prevent the escape of fish, and feed and protect them in the spacious enclosure. He would do this in such a way as that navigation should not be hindered. He has a method of preserving his fish alive, and so exporting them, in salt water, to foreign countries. And he expresses his confidence that he could not only supply the markets of Canada and the United States, but also those of England and the continent of Europe. This is a matter gastronomically interesting to more than one hemisphere ; and we hope the Nova Scotian Legislature will give us all a chance for a little good, cheap salmon, to say nothing of the shell fish.