We have been considerably edified with the discussion which the question of “ a large and small wheel,” has provoked throughout the country. In quite a number of our cotempora- ries, long- communications have appeared on the subject, and editorials two and three long columns in length have been produced. List of Patent Claims For The Week Ending December 7, 1852 Maohinery for Bending Pail Bales, etc,- By Robt. Bunker, of Rochester, N. Y.: I claim the combination ofthe saddles, brake, bar, and movable block, all operating as described. Seed Planters—By L. W. Colver, of L ouisville, Ky. : I claim making the cells in the tops of the grooves, so that they shall carry single grains, and combining therewith a cleaner, which extends into the groove behind the seed, as each cell in turn ar rives at or over the seeding tube, for tbe purpose of carrying around and depositing with certainty the seeds or grains, singly, substantially as described. Saw GuMMERS-By R. 8. Cramer&C. C. Blossom, of Somerville, Ohio: I claim the nut, having gud geons occupying notches in one of the jaws of a saw gumming apparatus, in which the cutting portion is situated between the power and the fulcra for the 0bj ects explaine d. Drilling Machines—By Ch as. W. Coe, of Ashta bula, ' Ohio : I cl aim, first, the peculiar manner of giving the slow automatic feed-motion to the spindle, and the fast receding mo tion, by means - of the sli ding pinion, collar. . and screw, which is attached to the spindle, combined with the two sets of cogs, or their equivalents, upon the face of the same disc, the several parts above-named being constructed, arran- ged,and operating in the manuer and for the pur pose desjribed. Second, the peculiar method of constructing and arranging the clutch, by which the inclination of the clutch may be changed, as described, and the po sition of the clutch also moved or changed bodily in a horizontal direction. Hats—By Francis Degen, of New York City: I am aware that metallic rings or bands have beeu used in helmets and similar articles, for the purpose of a support, but I do not know of any hat in which a strip of foil has been inserted between the leather or sweat and the hat ; there fore, I claim the metal lic strip or strips, inserted between the leather, or s weat. and the hat, and attached to either or both the hat or sweat, as described. Tonguing and Grooving Apparatus—By Phi- neas Emmons, of New York : I claim the shaft, con necting rods, cutter stocks, putters, and slides, in combination with the stationary tonguers and groovers, for the purpose of tonguing and grooving boards, 'c., as set forth, Hot Air Furnaces—By Stephen Gates, of AI bion, N. Y.: I claim the combination of the deflect ing plates, wi th the syste m of up right fl ues d ire ctJ y over the tire chamber, when such flues are arranged in the manner set forth, so that each flue of itbelf shall act as a defectdr and insure a complete circu lation through the whole system, substantially as described. Bending Carpet Bag Frames, ETC.-By E. 1.. Gay lo rd, of Newark, N.J.: I claim the em ploy ment for t he purpose of ben ding and forming carpet bag frames, or for bending two . or more fiat metal bars edge wise. for any purpose, of a pair of clamps, each moving independently of the other, in the direction of the width of the bars, and having recesses and self adjusting movable pieces, asdescribed, combined in any way, substantially as set forth, with a. table, and bendi ng pla te. Grain and Grass Harvesters.—C. B. Brown, of Griggsville, 1ll. : I claim the combination of the crown wheel, wi th the shafts, wi th t heir respect ive pulleys, acted upon alternately by the cogs of the wheel, the shafts being connected so as to turn in opposite directions, whereby a vibratory motion is given to the blade. I do not claim either of these singly, but when combi ned, for the purposes' and in the manner sub stantially as described. Galvanic Battery—By Louis Drescher, of New York City: I claim the improved arrangement of the oId voltaic pile. the same consisting in so sepa rating each galvanic pair from that next it, in the series, and connecting them with- short wires, and for ming the plates with suitable ptJrforationt, as that the strips of leather or flannel, or their equiTalent, may be at once saturated with the exciting liquid, by immersing the battery therein. Hinge for Moulder's Flasks—By Geo.. Grant, of Troy, N Y.: I claim a hinge for moulder's flasks, constructed substantially in the manner as descri bed , by means of whi ch the cope is raised in the jaws of the hinge, as set forth CHAIRS—By J. T. Hammitt, of Philadelphia, Pa.: 1claim operating the leg rest of the chair from the motion of the seat and back, by means ofthe le ver and rod, or their equivalen t. Machines for Hat BODIES—By L. E.Hopkins, of N. Y Oity : I claim the feeding belts, constructed substantially as described, with jointed chairs, ha ving cloth stretched between them, as set forth, by wh ich their motion is exactly determined and equal. Also the combination of the revolving endless planking board or table, with the feeding belts, both moving with the same velocity, for the purpose as described. Look—By Richard Ketcham, of Seneca Castle. N. Y.: I claim the circular tumbler or its equivalent, in combination with the slotted collar, which en compasses the spindle of the knob, said collar and tumbler or its equivalent, being constructed and operating as described. Padlock—By Rhodolphus Kinsley, of Springfield, M.- -s : I claim givinga forward motion to the hasp, ii'n; acting upon the tumblers by means of the same key, when the parts are arranged so that the key ac ts directly upon a portion of the hasp- substantial ly as described. ' Secondly, the double acting spring described, only when used in connection with such a. form and ar rangement of hasp as will cause it to actuate the tumblers, and not only throw the hasp out, but hold it thrown out and fully open in the manner descri bed. Mode of Frosting GLASS-By John Levy C. ones, of New York City: We claim, first, frosting n t] I : i glass, by fixing the plates to be treated in rui.'jiuti or vessel containing sand, pebbles, and water, and sliLbj ected to a. short, quick, vibratory mo tion , in a longitudinal direction, by any suitable me chanical movement, thus causing the glass to pass through the mass of gritty material, before any con siderable momentum is imparted to that mass. Second, forming ornaments upon the glass by the application of patterns or designs, in connection w ith the pro cess of frosting by. the action of the sand and pebbles, as set forth. Wooden Type—By John McCreary, of Chester vil l e. Ohio : I claim the arrangement of the propel - li ng lever, as th at, by its return move men t, in com bination with the feeding lever, spring. dog, and feeding tube, it will move forward as required, the blank wood to receive the impression, as set forth. Pill Making Machines—By E. H. P ond, of Rut land, Vt. : I claim, first, moulding or formi ng pills by means of two cylinders, having each a number of recesses in its periphery, the recessp.s in one cy lind er matching with those in the other, and each • match ing pair forming a mould of the required form of the pill, the said cylinders revolving in opposite direc tions, and the pi I mass being conducted between them, as described. Second, the bands ofindia rubber, or any sufficient ly elastic maJ;erial passing round or partly round the mould cylinders for the purpose of expelling the pills from the recesses, after the moulds are open, substantially as set forth. Shingle Machines—By Wm. Stoddard, of Low ell, Mass/: I claim the combination of the rifting knife (connected with the main driver by means of elastic arms) withthe inclined planes placed upon the rails, as described for the purpose o fen abling the knife to be carried forwards under the block, du ring the forward movement of the said driver, and tben be elevated to the proper height to split off a shiogle, during its return movement, as set forth. Also the arrangement of a secondary driver placed a bo ve and acting in dependently of the main driver, in such a manner that it will drive the rived shiDgle from under the block and deposit it upon the bed, in such position that it will be carried forwards to be dressed during the forward movement of the said dresser, substantially as set forth. Screw Driver—By J. W. Switzer, of Basil, Ohio : I claim the screw driver, spring catches, attached to the flat portions of the scratw driver, and permitting longitudinal as well as lateral adjustment, and the barrel in which the whole is placed, in combination with the brace and stock, or their equivalents, the who le being constructed, arranged. and o perating in the manner a.nd for the purpose substantially as set forth [See engraving of this invention in No. 6 of the pre sent volume of the Sci. Am ] Reel for Harvesters—By Warren W.&Clark C. Wright, of Canton, Pa.: We claim, first, extend ing the axle of the driving wheels, so far beyond the carriage as may be necessary to form a pivot for the reel to turn upon and allow of its rotation, by a band, as described, independent of the rotation of the axle, substantial ly as set forth. Slags of FuRNACEs—By Wm. II Smith, of Phi ladelphia, Pa.: I claim the process of utilizing the slags of iron and other li k e furnace s, re lining and work i ng the same, substantially as set forth, where by I bring into successful operation, for useful pur poses, a class of hitherto useless products. Machinery for Making Wood Screws, etc.— By Oullen hippie of Providence, R. I (assignor to the New England Screw Company) : I claim, first, the feeder, composed of a sectional trough, with a close bottom and open top, into which the blank drops and arranges itself before a traversing rod, which pushes it into the griping jaws, substantially as described. Second, the combination of the traversing rod, ac tuated substao ially as described, with an adjusta ble stop, for the purp6'se of setting the blank be tween the jaws in the exact position required, as set forth Third, the method of o perating the jawsand hold ing them closed wi th the requisite force to hold the bhwkfirmly between them, without end strain upon the mandrel, by means of toggle or knuckle joint le vers, wh ich are .thrown sli ghtiy past centres, when the jaws are closed to hold them closed, when they are used in connection with elastic and long shank ed nippers, substantially as de cribed, whereby all end strain of the mandt-el agai u::;t its bearingE-l is pre vented. during and by the griping and holding of the blank. Lastly, the spring discharging punch, constructed and arranged in such a manner that the .same shall be compressed by the e ntrance of the blank between the griping jaws, and shall throw- the blank out of the jaws, the instant they relax their hold of it suf ficiently ; such pushing out depending upon such re laxation and the force of the spring, and being en: tirely independent of the motioa of any other part of the machine. DESIGNS. Cook STOvE-By Ezra Ripley&N. S. Vedder, of Troy, N. Y. (assignors to Samuel McClure, of Ro chester, N. Y.) Note—The applications for one-third of the list of patentS'given above were prepared at the Scien tific American Patent Agency.” Besides the great amount of ho me business, we are securing a great number of patents in foreign countries.