A new journal box, intended more particularly for iiiilniacls, has been constructed by G. V. Alden and John Smith, of Hornelsville, N. Y.,the objects which :i ished by the invention, are a more pLjiect method of lubricating the axle without the possibility of the lubricating material being unnecessarily wasted, and also allowing the necessary play of the axle in the box, without permitting dust to enter the bearing. The centre of the box is provided with a circular reservoir for oil in the usual manner. Two circular chambers are also cut, one in each end of the box which chambers receive thick collars nicely fitted to and forming the bearing for the axle ; these collars IJ11 the circular chambers, and rest upon a spring at their periphery, so that the axle may have a slight play at each end the box, and still be closely fitted to the collars. This prevents the escape of oil and prohibits the approach of dust or dirt. Measures have been taken to secure a patent.