SOME time ago the writer had occasion to veneer a large box with mahogany. Not having the necessary facilities for glueing the veneer and clamping it in placeuntil it was thoroughly set, as is the usual method, hie proceeded to attach it as shown in the accompanying illustration. It is a simple method, and one which gave excellent results. The mahogany was about 3/ 16 inch thick, and it was to be inlaid with 1/ 16 inch white holly. The recesses for the inlay were first cut out. The mahog- Method of attaching veneer. any was then placed in position on the box which was of white pine, and was firmly attached to it by means of screws which were placed at various intervals in the recesses. The heads of the screws were countersunk into- the bottom of the recesses- as shown. The white holly was then laid in the recesses and secured in place with glue and thus all traces of how the veneer was held in place were completely hidden. This is a trick worth knowing and it may come in handy for a number of our craftsmen friends who have like work to do.