There is a little stream which empties into Shasta Valley, California, which possesses the property of incrusting everything which falls into its waters with a complete coat of stone. Flowers, leaves, grass, pine buds, and things of that sort, will become completely enameled in the course of a week or so, retaining in the process their natural form.—Exchange. [There are several lakes, rivers and streams in the world which petrify wood, changing it into stone, but none so rapidly as the above Californian stream, so far as we are aware. It must be very strongly charged with the carbonate of lime. There is a dropping spring at Knaresborough, England, which possesses petrifying powers nearly as great. We have seen willow baskets, birds' nests, and various curious articles, said to have been transformed into stone by this spring in the course of a few months' exposure.