Secretary Cox enjoys the reputation of being a patriotic and incorruptible man. He has certainly given earnest proof of the possession of these sterling qualities by breaking up the villainous rings that so completely demoralized the service of the Indian Bureau. In the selection, also, of Col. Fisher to occupy the important position of Commissioner of Patents, we are still further assured that Seoretary Coif intends to put an end to imbecility and corruption in the management of the affairs of that Office. It has come to pass, somehow, that the Patent Office has fallen under suspicion. The misappropriation of the funds of the Office in barbaric decojtions, Dempsey & OToole contracts, and other transactionirof a someftvhat doubtful character, served to justify Congressibkal interference. But worse even than these things is the current impression that the Patent Office had fallen into the hands of a corrupt clique who molded the decisions of the Office to suit their own interests. We cannot say that this suspicion was j ustly founded, but we do know that its general influence upon the character of the Office has been pernicious in the extreme. It is also well known that certain parties about the Patent Office have hitherto been too much in the habit of claiming a sort of paternity to the Commissioners, as if they were merely creatures of their breath. This may have been merely a, vain and innocent conceit; but such things tend to degrade the character of tho Commissioner of Patents and expose him to unjust suspicion. Col. Fisher is indebted to none of these parties for the position he now holds. It is well understood that other candidates were urged by them, they knowing probably full well that should Col. Fisher get the appointment he would be fully competent to undertake all the duties of the Office without their intrusive advice, and moreover his character was a sufficient guaranty that corrupt rings could not bind his independent action. We feel encouraged, therefore, that brighter days are in store for the Patent Office, and that the new Commissioner will fully justify the confidence reposed in him.