Note: The times given here are in approximate ship’s time, which began four hours ahead of Eastern daylight time. By the time Titanic struck the iceberg, it was about 40 minutes ahead of EDT.

April 10

9:30 AM

Welcome to our #Titanic “live” tweets! From April 10-15, we’ll tweet facts & events timed to their 1912 occurrence. Follow #Titanic_SA


9:30 AM

Passengers begin boarding the #Titanic, the largest cruise ship in the world, at Southampton, England #Titanic_SA



9:35 AM

With 16 watertight compartments, #Titanic is called “practically unsinkable” by Shipbuilder magazine #Titanic_SA


10 AM

Trivia: Titanic weighed 46,000 tons, spanned 853 by 93 ft—1/2 size of today’s cruise ships #Titanic_SA


10:30 AM

First-class ticket price on Titanic: $600 (about $13,000 today). #Titanic_SA #Titanic



10:35 AM

First-class too rich? Third class on the Titanic is $26.50 (about $610 today). #Titanic_SA #Titanic



12:00 PM

Southampton, England: Titanic’s foghorns blast, signaling the largest ship is about to set sail #Titanic_SA #Titanic



12:10 PM [Estimate]

Disaster averted! Suction from #Titanic pulls a docked ship from pier. Fast-acting tugboat prevents collision #Titanic_SA


1:00 PM

Binoculars for Titanic’s look-outs left at Southampton #Titanic_SA #Titanic


6:30 PM

Titanic arrives in Cherbourg, France, for more passengers #Titanic_SA #Titanic


6:31 PM

Among the passengers at Cherbourg is John Jacob Astor IV and his pregnant wife, who wishes their child be born in the U.S. #Titantic_SA


April 11

8 AM

What’s for breakfast for #Titanic’s 1st class today? Sirloin steak & mutton chops to order, among others #Titanic_SA


10 AM

Trivia: Titanic had 2 sister ships: the Olympic and the Britannic, which was sunk in WWI  #Titanic_SA


11:30 AM

Titanic arrives at Queenstown, Ireland, to retrieve the royal mails and pick up passengers  #Titanic_SA


1:30 PM

Titanic leaves Queenstown, Ireland, bound for Pier 59 on New York City's west side @ChelseaPiersNYC #Titanic_SA


1:31 PM

Titanic leaves with an estimated 1316 passengers and 892 crew  #Titanic_SA #Titanic


5 PM

Binoculars for Titanic’s lookouts sitting at Southampton, England #Titanic_SA #Titanic


April 12

10 AM

Trivia: Intl Ice Patrol once tried incendiary bombs, guns, torpedoes to destroy icebergs--no luck #Titanic_SA


12 PM

Lunch on Titanic (2nd class): Pea soup, spaghetti, corned beef, veggie dumplings, mutton, baked potatoes #Titanic_SA


2 PM

Seen on the promenade deck: Isidore Straus, head of Macy’s dept store, and wife Ida #Titanic_SA #Titanic @Macys


5 PM

Binoculars for Titanic’s look-outs sitting at Southampton, England #Titanic_SA #Titanic


6 PM

On the first full day at sea, Titanic covers 386 miles #Titanic_SA #Titanic


April 13

9 AM

Ocean remains calm & everyone praises the stability of Titanic and the lack of vibration #Titanic_SA #Titanic


10 AM

Trivia: Back then, passenger counts taken aft ship reached final destination, to account for port changes and stowaways #Titanic_SA


12 PM

#Titanic could have had more lifeboats, but White Star head Bruce Ismay didn’t want to spoil deck views #Titanic_SA




Spotted on A deck, the richest man in U.S., Col. John Jacob Astor IV and his 18-year-old wife #Titanic_SA #Titanic


5 PM

Binoculars for Titanic’s look-outs sitting at Southampton, England #Titanic_SA #Titanic


6 PM

On the 2nd full day at sea, Titanic’s mighty steam engines bring it 519 miles closer to NYC #Titanic_SA #Titanic


April 14

8 AM

Your 3rd class breakfast is ready: Oatmeal, porridge & milk, smoked herrings, bread & butter, marmalade #Titanic_SA


9:00 AM

“Bergs, growlers & field ice” seen by RMS Caronia in a radio warning. #Titanic Capt. Smith acknowledges #Titanic_SA


10 AM

Trivia: U.S. Senate hearings on the disaster were held at Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in NYC @WaldorfNYC #Titanic_SA

1:42 PM

"Passing icebergs & large quantities of field ice"—message relayed by RMS Baltic. #Titanic_SA #Titanic


1:43 PM

Fateful iceberg is 250 miles from onrushing #Titanic #Titanic_SA


2 PM

Seen on A deck: Bruce Ismay, head of the White Star Line, owner of #Titanic #Titanic_SA


6 PM

Dinner options for 1st class: oysters, filet mignon, roast duckling, sirloin of beef, foie gras, eclairs #Titanic_SA


7:30 PM

The steamship SS Californian in the North Atlantic reports that it is surrounded by 3 giant icebergs #Titanic_SA


11:15 PM

“Shut up! Shut up! I am busy” --#Titanic’s John George Phillips to SS Californian on ice warnings #Titanic_SA


11:16 PM

Told to shut up, SS Californian’s Evans shuts radio and goes to bed and won’t hear #Titanic distress call #Titanic_SA


11:39 PM

“Iceberg right ahead!” Should you try to turn or brace for head-on impact? #Titanic_SA #Titanic


11:40 PM

First officer Murdoch turns hard to starboard. Iceberg gashes #Titanic’s hull at 11:40 PM ship time #Titanic_SA


11:41 PM

Capt. Smith goes to the bridge and is told what happened. He orders inspection of the damage #Titanic_SA



11:42 PM

5 of #Titanic’s 16 watertight compartments are breached. #Titanic_SA


11:45 PM

Capt. Smith & Thomas Andrews, #Titanic’s designer, inspect damage. Andrews concludes ship has hours to live #Titanic_SA


11:50 PM

Water pouring in reaches 14 feet above keel #Titanic_SA #Titanic


April 15

12:15 AM

“CQD…MGY…CQD…MGY” Radio distress sent by #Titanic #Titanic_SA



CQD = seek you, distress; MGY = Titanic call letters. SOS, then a newly agreed on code, sent later #Titanic_SA



12:25 AM

RMS Carpathia gets radio message of disaster & steams full speed towards #Titanic #Titanic_SA



12:45 AM

First lifeboat is launched. #Titanic did not have enough lifeboats for all, but it was legal at the time #Titanic_SA


12:46 AM

Some passengers refuse to board the lifeboats, feeling more secure on the false warmth of #Titanic #Titanic_SA


12:47 AM

#Titanic fires distress rockets. It is unclear if SS Californian, the closest ship, saw but ignored them #Titanic_SA


12:55 AM

Two more lifeboats are launched, a process that continues for the next hour #Titanic_SA #Titanic


12:56 AM

Not all lifeboats were filled; about 500 more lives could have been saved #Titanic_SA #Titanic


1:40 AM

Bruce Ismay, head of the White Star Line, hops into lifeboat C. #Titanic_SA #Titanic


2:00 AM

Launched lifeboats stay away from #Titanic. “Unsinkable” Molly Brown later takes command of one to pick up survivors #Titanic_SA


2:17 AM

Bow of #Titanic goes below the surface, pushing the stern up into the air #Titanic_SA


2:18 AM

Lights blink and then go off. Funnel snaps off, crushing many #Titanic_SA


2:19 AM

#Titanic breaks into 2. The forward portion sinks; the stern remains afloat briefly #Titanic_SA


2:20 AM

Stern disappears, marking sinking of the Titanic at 2:20 AM local time #Titanic_SA


2:30 AM

Most of the people directly in the water succumb to the effects of hypothermia #Titanic_SA


3:30 AM

Survivors see the rockets of the RMS Carpathia in the distance #Titanic_SA


4:00 AM

RMS Carpathia arrives and begins pulling up survivors for the next 4+ hours #Titanic_SA


4:01 AM

RMS Carpathia rescues about 700; death toll on #Titanic pegged at 1517 by U.S., 1503 by British #Titanic_SA


4:02 AM

Exact toll unknown b/c at the time, passenger counts were done at final destination to acct for changes at ports and stowaways #Titanic_SA


5:30 AM

SS Californian learns of the disaster and heads to help, but it arrives too late to do anything #Titanic-SA


8:50 AM

RMS Carpathia, having picked up all survivors, heads to New York City, reaching it on April 18 #Titanic_SA


8:51 AM

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