We find in the October number of Presse Scientifique des Deux Mondes, the following extract from a pamphlet by Mr. Figuier: They occupy themselves much in Spain with a project of a universal language, project renewed of the celebrated Raymond Lulle, and of some philosophers of the eighteenth century. The most important men of Spain in letters, in science and in politics have taken a deep interest in this humanitary enterprise, the initiative of which belongs to Mr. Sotos Ochando. The Society of the Universal Language is constituted at Madrid, and has already held several sessions. A commission has been established to direct the labors. By means of an assessment on nil the members, national and foreign, the grammar and dictionary of the future universal language will be printed and published. Many persons of distinguished ability have much faith in the success of the project. Do not discourage them. The Utopias of one century are often the common place familiarities of the following century.