Bionic Limbs, Rewired
The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago’s report on a robotic lower leg they’ve developed for patients in need of prosthetic limbs was published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Looking for a Flu Killer
An extended version of this Q&A with Google Science Fair winner Eric Chen appeared online. You can read more about the Google Science Fair here.

Bugs, Yes. Spiders, No
This piece on arachnophobia in entomologists originally ran in its entirety online. The cited study can be found in American Entomologist.

Breaking Bad, Bacteria-Style
The research on Streptococcus pneumoniae and its ability to switch from “good” to “bad” bacteria was published online in mBio.

FIFA Physics
Read more about the physics involved in fixing ball trajectories for a popular video game in the full version of this article, originally published online.

Escape from the Milky Way
The study on these galaxy-fleeing stars was published in The Astrophysical Journal, but a free version is available via Cornell University.

Play Nice
Research on the tendency for orphaned chimps to become more aggressive than their parented peers was published in Animal Cognition.

Waiting for a Neutrino No-Show
Physicists reported on their fruitless search for the phenomenon called neutrinoless double beta decay in Physical Review Letters. You can read more about neutrino experiments in this related article.

Rare California Cypress Is Recovering under Federal Protection
The full version of this installment of Extinction Countdown is available online. You can also read the government proposal to downlist the cypress from “endangered” to merely “threatened.”

Kepler’s Second Life
NASA’s proposals for repurposing the Kepler spacecraft can be found online. You can find out more about Kepler in this related article.

Follow the Leader
This article on synchronized schooling behavior in fish is supported by two studies published in Current Biology. In the first, researchers report their efforts to induce synchronicity in fish. The second reports on fish with genetic predispositions to schooling.

Ugly Science Pays Off
You can find out more about the Golden Goose Award on the organization’s Web site.

What Is It?
Read more about the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System here (pdf).