Whispers of a Successor
- Maggie McKee
Read more about the search for supersymmetry here.

Salt Swap
- Joseph Bennington-Castro
A toxic chemical in solar cells poses a health hazard, but new research says the compound can be exchanged for a safer and cheaper chemical.

Dried Up
- Dina Fine Maron
If you can handle staring at your computer for a bit longer, check out this study on dry eyes and screen time.

An Origin Story
- Clara Moskowitz
A new simulation models the genesis of the Pillars of Creation and sheds light on star formation.

Hitting Rock Bottom
- Lucas Laursen
A study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA reveals the grim consequences of deep-sea trawling for ocean biodiversity and carbon cycling.

Longer-Lasting Organs
- Dina Fine Maron
Harvard Medical School researchers have figured out a way to “supercool” organ donations to extend their shelf life.

Plastic on Ice
- Rachel Nuwer
Trillions of plastic pieces clutter the Arctic, according to new research in Earth’s Future.

Sleeping through High School
- Mark Fischetti
Later high school start times immensely benefit teen health and learning, research suggests.

Pick a Fight
- Jill U. Adams
Taste receptors in our noses help us evade bacterial infections.

Roger Drouin
- Bat Deterrents
Boom boxes, UV light and other strategies may soon help bats avoid wind turbines.

The Thinker
- Jason G. Goldman
Can other animals think about thinking, as humans do? New research suggests they might have this ability, called “metacognition.”

Know the Jargon: Induced Seismicity
- Annie Sneed
Oil and gas activities have turned Oklahoma into a very shaky state, according to a study in Science.