M. Maedler, the author of the recent investigations with reference to the central sun, has long been known to the astronomical world as the successor of M. Struve in the direction of the observatory at Dorpat. His computations of the orbital movements of the double stars have given to him a deservedly high celebrity; and the great theory which he has propounded is only given to the world after a long and patient examination, extending through many years. Assuming Alcyone as the great center of the millions of starscomposingour astral system, and the direction of the sun's motion, as determined by Argelander and Struve, he investigates these consequent movements of all the stars in every quarter of the heavens. Just where the swiftest motions should be found, there they actually exist, which demonstrates either the truth of the theory, or exhibits the most remarkable and incredible coincidences. After a profound examination, Maedler reaches the conclusion, that Alcyone, the principal star in the group Pleiades, now occupies the center of gravity, and is at present the sun about which the universe of stars composing our astral system are all revolving.