The Grand Admiral, the flag ship of the Russian navy, was built in this city; another steamer was constructed here for the Pasha of Egypt; and there is now lying at pier No. 13, North river, a steamer which has jnst been constructed hy Kirkman & Co., at Wilmington, Del., for the government oPEcuador, and of which the following is a technical description:— STEAMSHIP “GENERAL FLORES." HnH of Delaware oak ; copper fnstened nnd coppercd; length on deck, 110 feet; breadth of beam, 20 do.; depth of hold, 8 do.; rig, topsail schooner. Engine— One yertical condensing engine, 24 inch cylinder and 28 inch stroke, \Tith adjustable cut-off, eapnblc of heinl moved at the will of thc engincer between 6 and 18 inches while running. Screw—A true screw; 7 feet 6 inches diameter and 14 feet pitch. Boiler—One tubular boiler of the ordinary kind, with 2G fcet of gmte surface and 39G do. of heating surface, counting one-half the area of tubes. On her trial trip, with 30 lbs. steam and vacuum of 14 do., and cutting off nt 9 inches, she made 80 tums of her wheel per minute and a speed of 1J! miles on still water. She was built by order of Don Antonio Flores, the Minister from the Republic of Ecnudor to the United States, and is intended for the service of the govemment. Messrs. Fusey, Jones & Co. of Wilmington, were the contractors and builders of her machinery. --... — -