A successful manufacturer of incubators, Mr. George H. Stahl, of Quincy, Illinois, has recently placed on the market an incubator which is heated and regulated by electricity. In this incubator, which is shown in the accompanying illustration, it is said that the temperature can be adjusted to be held for weeks within a fraction of a degree of the desired point. The incubator casing has the usual double walls inclosing a filling of mineral wool, and the heat is supplied from the water tank at the top, the heating and setting up of a circulation in the water being effected through a small connected reservoir at one side. In the old style incubators the heating of the water was effected by a lamp, there being a lamp regulator controlling the flame, and a valve regulator acted upon by the heat of the water before entering the tank, while both regulators were actuated by an improved thermostat. In the electric incubator, or " Electric Hfm," as it is called, the water is heated by a resistance box, the current through which can be regulated with extreme nicety. The same manufacturer is now also building an incubator with a combination heater in which oil, gas or electricity may be used. - A New dar Fender. The invention of Mr. Wm. H. Altick, of Lancaster, Pa., is w arranged that the instant the front padded bar strikes a person, an inside gum roller connected with the safety netting drops automatically on the track, thus rendering it impossible for the object struck to {Jass under the fender. If a person when struck should fail to fall into the netting, and fall in front, the additional pressure of the moving car against the body would cause the front cushioned bar to drop also, and would push the body along the track until the car was stopped. The person might be bruised or otherwi8e injured, but the danger of being crushed under the wheels would be obviated.