In the “Scientific American,” page 98, present volume, is published a notice of two old books; I have one several years older than either. It is a Bible and Prayer-book, printed by Robert Barker, in London, A. D. 1612, the size of the book is about 8 by 10 inches. It contains,first, the Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, next a genealogical table from Adam to the Virgin Mary, next a description and map of Canaan, next an address irom the translators to King James; next a very lengthy preface to the readers by the translators, the books of the Old Testament, Apocrypha, and New Testament, and at the end are thePsalms of David, in metre, with notes to the first verses in most of the Psalms. The book is in a good state of preservation, and has been but little defaced or injured. Its history, so far as I know it, is somewhat romantic; it has on one of the blank leaves the name of " Ann Macbeth— born 17S0 ;" she married Thomas Howell, a wine merchant, in London; he was burned out in 1832, saving but four things from the flames, and this old Bible was one of them. Shortly after he came to America, landing at New Orleans the night of the great shower of meteors, so noted throughout the United States. Mr. Howell left two daughters in England, one of whom married Horatio Guy, and the other Edward Burford—neither ol whom have been heard of by the family in this country since their separation in England. Mr. Howell settled in Mississippi, but shortly afterwards removed to Texas, carrying with him three sons, and leaving a daughter not grown with some friends in Mississippi, near Natchez. In a short time the father, mother, and eldest son died. The Old Bible, with other goods, was packed up by the surviving brothers, to be sent to their sister in Mississippi, but while the boxes were waiting on the bank of the Brazos, for an opportunity to ship them, they were broken open, and every thing stolen, except the Old Bible, which, in due time, was received by the sister. One of the two surviving brothers shortly alter died in Texas, the other returned to New Orleans, and has never since been heard of; the sister now resides in this place, and is in possession of the " Old Bible." B. C. EARLE. Pontotoc,',Miss.