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The winter season wouldn’t be complete without a cold. But besides your own runny nose, your computer might also fall victim to any number of nasty bugs currently going around. And unfortunately, these can take a little more than hot tea or acetaminophen to heal. So in today’s episode, I’ll explain certain types of malware and how they find your way into your computer. This is a two-part series, so next week I’ll go over strategies on curing anything that ails your system!

What is a Computer Virus?
I’ll start off by explaining a little bit about the bad stuff that gets into your computer and what it does. In general, most infections take place on Windows machines, and even though many people think that Macs are impervious to infections, they are most certainly not! Yes, Macs do a better job in the infection department and although you may not have to be as concerned about catching a bug as a Windows user, it’s always good to know what infections are and how they can put your data in jeopardy.





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