Come September 10, the current iPhone rumor season will end and a new one will begin. That's because that's the day Apple will unveil the next incarnation of its iconic device -- that is, if All Things D's unnamed sources have it right.

ATD's Ina Fried reported the date late Saturday, adding that the unveiling of Apple's Mac OS X, aka Mavericks, isn't expected at the purported September 10 event, and that there's no indication that an Apple television or smartwatch project is "close to debuting."

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In other iPhone news, SlashGear posted photos from Vietnamese site Tinh te that allegedly show case-maker dummy models of the upcoming iPhone 5S and the rumored low-cost iPhone 5C. SlashGear writes:

As expected, the iPhone 5S appears nearly identical to the iPhone 5 save several small distinctions. The first is the previously rumored dual-LED flash on the back of the iPhone 5S. Where every iPhone that's had a back-facing flash thus far has used a single bulb, this next-generation device is aiming to up the ante with a double-dose of bright light.

iPhone obsessives will find even more "small distinctions" listed here, along with more pictures. And you can check out CNET's wishlist for the next iPhone here.

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