Apple may unveil the next iPad at an event scheduled for the first week of March, AllThingsD reported today.

The company is expected to announce the newest iteration of its blockbuster tablet at its own event in San Francisco, the report says.

iPad 3: The most-wanted upgrades (photos)

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This isn't the first time a March unveiling date has been bandied about, but AllThingsD is one of the more reputable sites to say so.

With the next iPad, presumably called iPad 3, Apple will look to sustain the momentum of the first two generations of iPads. The iPad 2 launched last March and has sold well. Despite a wave of competitors, Apple continued to maintain a dominant position in the tablet market last year.

The company faces more competition this year, though, particularly from lower-cost tablets from the likes of Amazon and Asus.

The next iPad will look similar in design to the iPad 2, but run with a faster chip, an improved graphics processor, and better resolution, AllThingsD reported, citing anonymous sources. The tablet could also feature a 2048x1536 Retina Display, bringing its pixel density in line with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Last year, the iPad 2 went on sale a week after it was announced, which could happen again next month.

An Apple representative wasn't immediately available for comment.