We have received from the publishers, D. Appleton & Co., Nos. 443 and 445 Broadway, this city, Vol. XI. of the “New American Cyclopaedia,” carrying the alphabet from MAC to MOX, inclusive. Having given fully our very high opinion of this great work, it is unnecessary to repeat it here. It is a complete gazetteer, containing a description of all the countries, cities, rivers, towns, counties and places of any importance on the globe ; and it is also a complete cyclopaedia of biography, containing sketches of the lives of all persons of note, living or dead. The eleventh volume contains more than 1,500 articles ; and some idea of the variety of the subjects treated of may be obtained from the following list, which we extract from the table of contents:—Maclaurin, Madder, Madler, Maelstrom, Magic, Magic Lantern, Magnetism, Magneto-electricity, Mahogany, Maize, Manganese, Manometer, Marcy, Marl, Marriage, Marriage Settlements, Mary Magdalen, Mass, Match, Meal Worm, Meazles, Mechanics, Mensuration, Mercury, Mercy, Sisters of; Metal, Metalloid, Meteor, Mica, Microscope, Milk, Milk, Sugar of; Millenium, Mint, Missions, Foreign; Missions, Protestant; Mohammed, Monkey, Mon-mouth, Battle of; Moth. As a specimen of the articles, we publish, on another page, the one upon “Friction Matches." ? -ft. m HUSSEY'S MOWER PATENTS.—Eunice B. Hussey, of Baltimore, Md., administratrix of Obed Hussey, deceased, has petitioned for the extension of four patents for reaping machines. These were originally one patent, which was granted to Mr. Hussey on the 7th of August, 1847; it was surrendered, divided and reissued in three patents, numbered 449, 450 and 451 on the 14th of April, 1851; after which No. 450 was surrendered, and divided into two patents. Their original term will expire on the 7th of August next. The testimony in this case will be closed on the 13th of February next: and the petition will be heard tit the Patent Office on the 28th following, at 12 M. . ? . — STEAM EXPERIMENTS.—Information has been received by us that the experiments now being conducted at Erie, Pa., under the charge of a board of Naval Engineers, have thus far resulted in proving that no gain is derived from working steam expansively in engines. In our next issue, we shall publish a very accurate report of the experiments. The information will be of great importance to every engineer and manufacturer, and will serve to open their eyes to a state of facts which may somewhat surprise them. OUR LARGE MACHINE SHOPS.—The Novelty Iron Works and the Morgan Iron Works are both working at present on short time, viz., nine hours, as we are given to understand, by reason of the financial embarrassment now obtaining in commercial circles, and not from any lack of work. Notwithstanding the hue and cry of politician's there are comparatively but few idle persons, and the first wave of the revolution with which we are threatened has not yet come in upon our works.