ECCENTRIC EXPLOSIVE SHELLS.—Wm. W. Hubbell, of Philadelphia, Pa., hae applied for an extension of the abovepatent. Day ef htariiig Jan. S 1870. MACHINES FOR CUTTING FLOCKS AND PAPER STOCK—J. N. Pitts. Black" atone, Maes., hae applied for an extension oi the above patent. Day of hear* ing January 10,180. APPARATUS FOR HEATING BUILDINGS BY STEAM.—Stephen J. Gold.o1 West Cornwall, Conn., ha petitioned for an extension of the above patent-Day of hearing Jan. 12,1869. Facts for tlie Ladies. We have had onr Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machine for ten yeare; have made five hundred euite of heavy cloth upon it, quite a number of tents— which ie very heavy work—a quantity of family sewing, from the ilnest ma _ terial to the coareeet, and never epent a cent for repairs. I have seen a great many other machines, but would not now exchange mine for any other. Mise S. H. ALEXANDER. Newbern, Va.