The New Black Hole Battle
Still confused by Stephen Hawking’s recent remarks on black holes? Read Hawking’s paper here, and find an introduction to the information paradox here.

New Cancer Culprit?
Investigate the possible link between cholesterol and breast cancer in Molecular Endocrinology, Cell Reports and Science.

Cockroach Homecoming
See what the Entomological Society of America has to say about Ectobius’sAmerican roots, a chance discovery made at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History’s Green River Fossil Collections.

What Is It?
The astronaut-snapped image of icy Lake Sharpe comes courtesy of NASA’s Image of the Day.

War Funding Inside?
Read the original version of this story on Scientific American’s Observations blog. Find out more about the SEC ruling that requires companies to report their use of conflict minerals.

By the Numbers
Learn more about the JILA strontium atomic clock in Nature. (Scientific American is part of Nature Publishing Group.)

Fuzzy Discovery
Research showing that sloths may offer novel ways to treat human diseases cites research that appeared in PLoS ONE.

Love Him or Eat Him?
Read an extended version of our story on female spider personality and mate cannibalism, and find the original study here.

Where Farmers and Birds Agree
Go to Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment to learn more about the benefits of no-till farming for birds.

Solar Times Two
For technical details on the hybrid solar device out of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, read the researcher’s paper in Nature.

When Cars Fly
Find out more about Advanced Tactics’s Black Knight Transformer and the DARPA/Lockheed Martin ARES Transformer.

One-Way Street for Sound
Research on one-way acoustic transmission made the cover of the January 31 Science.

Antibiotic Overkill
The full paper on “nudges” to reduce antibiotic overuse appeared in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Evolution’s Little Helper
New research about a protein’s involvement in cavefish eye loss was published in Science.