A San Jose correspondent of the Alia Cala-fornian, writes as follows : — "I learn that there are in Santa Clara county over four hundred artesian wells, of an average depth of 150 feet. Ten or twelve of these are from 230 to 400 feet deep. These throw up jets some five feet in hight. From a pipe seven inches in diameter, one thousand gallons per minute are discharged. The deposits found in these wells are significant of the antiquity of the country. At a depth of 200 feet a gravelly cement is found, after which is discovered a gray yellow sand, in which water is generally encountered. At this depth have also been struck wood, coal, coral, bonee, and in one well a piece of deer's horn was brought up at a distance of 140 feet below the surface of the ground. A redwood log was also bored into at a depth of 400 feet ; and as far down as this in the bowels of the earth have been found the partial remains of animals."