The following articles are available for purchase at the Scientific American Archive:

Unsettled Air, by Marguerite Holloway, September 2002
The unknown health effects of the towers' collapse

Staying Open, by Daniel G. Dupont, September 2002
Universities worry about the strain on academic freedom in the face of classified research

Training for Terror, by Marty Klinkenberg, September 2002
In Canada, U.S. Marines find a place to learn how to handle live chemical and biological warfare agents

Combating the Terror of Terrorism, by Ezra S. Susser, Daniel B. Herman and Barbara Aaron, August 2002
The psychological damage caused by the attacks of September 11 mirrored the physical destruction and showed that protecting the public's mental health must be a component of the national defense

Special Report: Invisible Wounds, by Richard F. Mollica, June 2000
Medical researchers have recently begun to address the mental health effects of war on civilians

Patent Blunder, by Glenn Zorpette, November 1998
Terrorists' recipe for making the nerve agent VX in Sudan apparently came from a U.S. patent

The Neurobiology of Depression, by Charles B. Nemeroff, June 1998
The search for biological underpinnings of depression is intensifying, and new findings promise to yield better therapies

The Specter of Biological Weapons, by Leonard A. Cole, December 1996
States and terrorists alike have shown a growing interest in germ warfare. More stringent arms-control efforts are needed to discourage attacks

Fighting Future Wars, by Gary Stix, December 1995
U.S. military planners hope to rely on improved versions of the technologies tested in the Gulf War to help fight the next Saddam Hussein. They may be preparing for the wrong conflict

Better Late Than Never, by John Horgan, June 1995
A chemical attack in Tokyo adds urgency to arms-control efforts

Were Four Corners Victims Biowar Casualties? by John Horgan, November 1993
Could a mysterious disease that has taken at least 16 lives in the Four Corners region of the Southwest since this past May be related to the U.S. biological warfare program?


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