The accompanying engraving represents a vertical longitudinal section of Wm. Ennis R. W. Fenwick's Atmospheric Reversing Dratt Furnace, for which a patent Was grant ed to the inventor, Mr. Ennis, of the firm of Keyser Co., furnace manufacturers, this city (N. Y.) on the 29th of last month (March 1853.) The fire is shown in the furnace, I. The grate is supplied with fresh air through a back tube or channel, F, above the ash pit or pan, E. A pipe or passage, J, con nects the fire chamber or stove, I, with the radiator chamber, B, in which is placed an in verted hollow cone of cast-iron, A, to deflect the fine solid particles of coal that are some times carried off from the fire when fresh coals are put on, and also to absorb and retain a great amount of heat, and give it out by ra diation so as to economize heat; also to make a portion of air return and feed the fire along with any carbonic oxide that may escape, and thus economize fuel. The pipe, F, can be closed to regulate the feed of fresh air. The at mosphere is admitted through the twilcJw cone at K, and passes up as shown by the ar rows, then out by pipe, M. The large part ot the cone being placed near the pipe, J, com presses the smoke into a smaller space before it reaches the top, where i expands and cre ates a partial1 vacuum, thus combining the el ement of an artificial draft without the em ployment of any mechanical force to do so. R This furnace, therefore, must always draw well. If applied to burn bituminous coal, from which much volatile matter escapes, the supply of fresh air by the hollow cone, if any flame passes up, will saturate the gas with air reversing draft of heated air to support com bustion when F is closed; a good arrange ment. More information about rights and furna- so as to render it combustible, and burn, and thus this stove will be a smoke consuming one, well adapted for all places where they burn bituminous coal. The arrows show the ces may be obtained by letter addressed to Wm. Ennis R. W. Fenwick, at the furnace manufactory of Messrs. Keyser Co., 398 Broadway, N. Y.