IN the issue of May 6th is described a process for bending brass tubing. The following is a much simpler method where a coil spring long enough and of the proper size is not available. Plug one end of the tube with a piece of wood and then stand it on end and fill it with dry sand. Tamp the sand firmly by striking the plugged end on a block of wood. When the tube is full plug the other end also with wood, then take a piece of hard wood as thick as the outside diameter of tube and saw it to the shape you wish to bend the tube; then nail two other pieces of wood, Method of bending a brass tube. one on either side of the form. Clamp the whole firmly in a vise as shown in the sketch. Then drive a nail through the two outer pieces near one end of the form under which insert the end of the tube, after placing a small piece of flat iron or a chisel between the nail and the tube. The two outside pieces are necessary as all tubing has a tendency to flatten while being bent. After the tube is bent the wooden plugs can be easily removed by inserting a wood screw into them and, after warming the end of the tube, using the screw as a handle to pull out. Guide for Winding Coil Springs THE accompanying illustration shows a small tool which will be found useful for winding coil springs in a lathe. It is made of a piece of three-sixteenth-inch sheet steel, one end of which is turned over to fit the arbor on which the spring is to be wound. A slot is cut in the tool near the arbor bearing, to serve as a Guide for winding coil springs. guide while winding the spring. The tool is placed on the arbor and the latter is centered in the lathe. One end of the wire is fastened in a hole drilled in the arbor and then, by passing the wire through the slot, it will be guided as the arbor is turned, to make a uniform spring. Grinding Copper.—When it is desired to grind copper on a carborundum wheel the copper invariably clogs. By rubbing on tallow this is prevented and apparently the tallow does not interfere with the cutting of the wheel.—B. F.