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A while back, I did an episode on some amazing apps for iOS devices. And now it’s time for some awesome Android apps!

If you don’t have an Android device, you might want to keep listening in case you’re interested in the newest Nexus 7 tablet or considering getting an Android phone sometime down the road.

Top Apps for Both Android and iOS Devices
There are a number of apps that work well for both Android and iOS devices. I’ve mentioned a few of them in an earlier episode on file syncing services. Two of these, Google Drive and Dropbox, would be great additions to your smartphone if you use them on your computer because they would allow you greater flexibility and mobile access to your files no matter where you’re located.

The next great app that works well for both Android and iOS is Pandora. This is an awesome service that allows you to listen to countless hours of internet radio for free. You simply type in your favorite songs or artists, and Pandora comes up with similar music perfectly suited for your taste. It can really take the work out of making specific playlists for any occasion.

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