The Charge for Insertion under this head is One Dollar a Line. If the Notices exceed Four Lines, One Dollar and a Half per line will be charged, Ellis' Wind-slat tenoning machine wanted. Must be in good order. Address Box 230, New Britain, Conn. Sites and valuable water power may be secured at Brewster's, N. Y., junction of N.Y. and Montreal, and Boston and Erie R. R. lines. Address Samuel W. Marvin, 33 Mercer St., New York. For sale on account of ill-health—a well-established saw factory. Or, to an energetic, practical man, would prefer to sell an interest. Address " L. S. W.," Clarendon Hotel, New York city. Two saw mills for sale. C. Bridgman, St. Cloud, Minn. Inventors' and Manufacturers' Gazette—February number enlarged to 16 pages. The cheapest paper in the world. $1 per year. Published at 87 Park Row. Postofflce box 448, New York City. Wanted—A first-rate bone mill. Send price and description to to S. Emlen, 627 Market St., Philadelphia. Kockwood, 839 Broadway, N. Y., photographs architectural or mechanical drawings and plans to a scale. Also,photographs of machinery. Wanted—New or second-hand caloric engine,4 to 8-H. P. Also, engine lathe and iron planer, medium size. Address W. H. Locke, Canton, Pa., giving description and cash price. Peck's patent drop press. Milo Peck & Co., New Haven, Ct. For solid wrought-iron beams, etc., see advertisement. Address Union Iron Mills, Pittsburgh, Pa, for lithograph, etc. Scientific Purchasing Agency.—Scientific, Mechanical, Mining, and Agricultural Books, Instruments,etc., for sale at publishers' or manufacturers' prices. Address Saltiel & Co., Postofflce Box 448, New York city, or 37 Park Row. Change Gear-wheel Tables.—See Walter & Son's advertisement. Manufacturers and dealers in agricuUugalmpleliieJjtjs are requested to send their addresses to W. T./Sq&iih, Allegheny City, Ra. Wanted—To correspond with a practical sheet-iron galvanizer. Also, with manufacturers of washer machines to make washer at one revolution. J. W. Britton, Cleveland, Ohio. Manufacturers of improved barrel machines please address Philadelphia Postomce Box 2476. Manufacturers of fancy articles of furniture send address to E. F. Gilbert, Lyons, N. Y. Punching and shearing machines. Doty Manufacturing Co., Janesville, Wis. Specialties in the Machinists' line. Parties desiring work of a special character address S. W. Gardiner, 6 Ailing St., Newark, N. J. " The greatest attraction in the Mechanics' Hall, at the New York State Fair,was the wonderful scroll saw exhibited by J. W. Mount." —See New York Times, Oct. 16,1868. All who are interested in scroll saws should address the exhibitor at Medina Iron Works Medina, N. Y. Wanted— ne No. 1 Dicks' patent punch. Address Marvin & Co., 265 Broadway. . The Watch—history, construction, and third edition. Illustrated and improved, neatly bound. Price 50 cents. Address the author, H. F. Piaget, watch repairer, 119 Fulton St., New York. Ericsson's Caloric Engines.—Where a light, safe, economical power is required, these engines—of late greatly improved in construction as well as reduced in price—answer an admirable purpose. Apply to James A. Robinson, 164 Duane St., New York. Scientific American.—Old and scarce numbers, volumes, and entire sets of the Scientific American for sale at the Scientific Purchasing Agency, 37 Park Row, New York. Postofflce box 448. Ask for Olmsted's oiler,—the best made. Sold everywhere. The manufacture and introduction of sheet and cast metal small wares is made a specialty by J. H. White, of Newark, N. J. For descriptive circular of the best grate bar in use, address Hutchinson & Laurence, No. 8 Dey St., New York. An experienced engineer, who for years has been engaged as superintendent and mechanical draftsman n a machine shop,wishes a similar position in some establishment. G-ood references given. Address Engineer, Postofflce Box S443, Boston, Mass. American Needle Company, general needle manufacturers, and dealers in sewing-machine materials. Hackle, gill, comb, card pins, etc., to order J. W. Bartlett, Depot 569Broadway, New York. Responsible and practical engineers pronounce the Tupper Grate Bar the best in use. Send for a pamphlet. L. B. Tupper, 120 West St., N.Y. Iron.—W.D.McGowan,ironbroker,73 Water st, Pittsburgh,Pa. For sale—100-horse beam engine. Also, milling and edging machines. E. Whitney, New Haven, Conn. N. C. Stiles' pat. punching and drop presses, Middletown, Ct. Winans' boiler powder, N. Y., removes ,and prevents incrustations without injury or foaming ; 12 years in use. Beware of imitations. The paper that meets the eye of all the leading manufacturers throughout the United States—The Boston Bulletin. $4 a year.