The Cliargefor Insertion under this head is One Dollar a Line, If the Notices exceed Four Lines, One Dollar and a Half per Unewill techarged. The original oil paintings, by Jerome Thompson, Home, Sweet Home, The Old Oaken Bucket, Paddle Your Own Canoe, and The Captive Child, will be sold without limit, at auction, on Friday, April 30, at 8 oclock, at Fifth Avenue Art Galleries, cor. Fifth Ave. and 14th st., by John H. Draper & Co., Auctioneers, Hanover Square. Henry Baughman, care Win. C. Jessup & Co., Augusta, Ga., wishes to obtain a sand belt for smoothing spokes. Map Engravers—Address Box 29, Greensboro,8Ala. A Machinist and Draftsman desires a situation as Draftsman. Address Paul Whitney, Frankfort House, cor. Frankfort and William sts., New York city. Wanted—Parties to manufacture a new patent braider foot for sewing machines. Address D. Coon, Postoffice Draw 52, Ogdensburg, N.Y. Rossing Machine.—Manufacturers of machines for rossing bark off saw logs, send circulars to J. K. Hoffman & Bros., Fort Wayne, Ind. Blue Rapids—The best mill power in Northern Kansas, with 287 acres ofland,for sale.near a railroad. AddressR. S.Craf t,Holton,Kansas. Grindstones—How to Hang and Use them Properly. Send for descriptive pamphlet. J. E. Mitchell, 310 York Ave., Philadelphia. For sale at a bargain—a complete barrel factory, nearly new. Address Hartmann, Laist & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. Rubber Tire for velocipedes and light carriages upon a new principle, obviating all objections. H. G. Tyer, India-rubber Manufacturer, Andover, Mass., and 86 Pearl St., Boston. Foreman Wanted—A young man that has had some experience as Foreman in a machine shop, competent to superintend the construction of large machinery, apply to Murray, Moore & Co., Portsmouth, Ohio. Reckarts Patent Hub Lathe—A matchless sweep. For descriptive circular, giving full particulars, address J. M. Scribner, Agt, Middle-burgh, N. Y. Wanted—Steady employ for portable saw mill, 3 to 5 years contract, by the thousand. Address Box,8, Alteon, Erie Co., Pa. Sieve-hoop makers address Reimer & Holdsworth, 57 Fulton street, New York city. Wanted—A situation by a first-class Electro Gold and Silver Plater. Address H, Box 178, Waterbury, Conn. Riehle Bros., the Modern Scale Makers, successors to Banks, Dinmore & Co., 9 and Melon sts., Philadelphia. Circulars describing their recent Patents,& containing testamentary letters.sent free on application. Engineer.—You will save much oil and have none of the difficulty you speak of, if you put on one of Broughtons Lubricators, for which address H. Moore, 41 Center st. Pecks patent drop press. For circulars, address the sole manufacturers, Milo Peck & Co., New Haven, Ct. J. D. Borin, Scottsboro, Ala., wants a first-rate Brick Machine. Pickerings Velocipede, 144 Greene St., New York. A. B. Fisher,practical millwright,9 Ross st.,Brooklyn, E.D..N.Y. $1 per year.—Inventors and Manufacturers Gazette. The cheapest, beet, and most popular journal of the kind published. Send stamp for specimen copy. Saltiel & Co., Publishers, P. 0. box 448, or 37 Park Row, New York. Machine for bending fellies—Patent for sale—the whole, or State Rights. Address DeLyon & Werner, Canton, Miss. Diamond carbon, formed into wedge or other shapes for point ing and edging tools or cutters for drilling and working stone, etc Sond stamp f or circular. John Dickinson, 64 Nassau St., New York. The new method for lighting street lamps For illustrated circular, with letter from President Manhattan Gas Light Co., and Supt of Lamps N. Y. City. Address J. W. Bartlett, Patcntee,569 Broadway, N. Y. The Tanite Emery Wheel.—For circulars of this superior wheel, address Tanite Co., Stroudsburgh, Pa. The manufacture and introduction of sheet and cast metal small wares is made a specialty by J. H. White, Newark, N. J. The Magic Comb will color gray hair a permanent black or brown. Sent by mail for $125. Address Wm. Patton, Treasurer Magia Comb Co., Springfield, Mass. For coppered iron castings address J. H. White, Newark, N. J. W. J. T.—We think the patent asbestos roofing manufactured by H. W. Johns, of this city, is the best substitute for tin or slate. It is cheap and easily applied. Tempered steel spiral springs. John Chatillon, 91 and 93 Cliff St., New York. For solid wrought-iron beams, etc., see advertisement. Address Union Iron Mills, Pittsburgh, Pa, for lithograph, etc. Machinists, boiler makers, tinners, and workers of sheet metals read advertisement of Parkers Power Presses. Mill-stone dressing diamond machine, simple, effective, durable. Also, Glaziers diamonds. John Dickinson, 64 Nassau st, New York. Winansboiler powder, N. Y., removes and prevents incrustations without injury or foaming; 12 years in use. Beware of imitations. The paper that meets the eye of all the leading manufacturers throughout the United States—The Boston Bulletin. $4 00 a year.