The Charge for Insertion under this head is One Dollar a Line. If the Noticet exceed Four Lines, One Dollar and a Ealf per line will he charged. Send for Agents' Circular—Hinkley Knitting Machine Co., 176 Broadway. Scientific Books to order. Macdonald & Co.,37 Park Row,N.Y. A valuable patent for sale. For particulars inquire of, or address D. p. Keator & Co., Kingston, N. Y. Wanted—A second-band portable engine, six to ten-horse power. E. Q. Button, Cato,Cayiiga Co., N. Y. For sale cheap—One No. 3 Punip,Andrews' patent,nearly new. Oliver fe Co., 55 Liberty st., New York. A rare business chance.—For sale, the goodwill, recipes, stock, fixtures, etc., of a business that will make a fortune to an enterprising party. May be turned into a Stock Company. Address Chemist, Box 111, Carlisle, Pa. R. T. Bradley & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, buy and sell patent rights. Send stamp for particulars. Wheelwright wanted—To take charge of a shop. A first-class man, thoroughly acquainted with all kinds of work, may apply to Post-ofllce Box 376, New York city, stating terms and past experience. For 0c. we mail, prepaid, a combined ruler, blotter, and paper cutter, indorsed as excellent by Munn & Co. C. Jones, Box 6721, N.Y. P.O. Makers of Wheelbarrows and elm cheese-boxes send address to Box 6721, New Y ork Postofflce. Wanted—$3 to $5,000, and experience, to engage in Cotton Man'f g. Inducements unsurpassed. Isaac Sharp, Evening Shade, Arks. Peck's patent drop press. For circulars, address the sole manufacturers, Milo Peck & Co., New Haven, Ct. New Machine for Grinding Tools,etc., great saving of files and labor by their use. Address American Twist Drill Co., Woonsocket, E. I. If you have a Patent to sell,or desire any article manufactured or introduced, address National Patent Exchange, Buffalo, N. Y. To Manufacturers or Patentees.—Wanted—By a responsible hardware house, long established in the city of New York, the agency or the right to manufacture,some good patented article in their line of trade. Address P. D. fe Co., postofflce Box 3,517. Continental Screw Company's Stock wanted. Address J. C. Clark, 66 Leonard st.. New York. For sale—A valuable Patent Right for an effective army and cotton worm destroyer. 20 bales of cotton saved in one day. Address Charles Steinmann, Napoleonville, La. Mill-stone dressing diamond machine, simple, effective, durable Also, Glazier's diamonds. John Dickinson, 64 Nassau st.. New York. Leschot's Patent Diamond-pointed Steam Drills save, on the average, fifty per cent of the cost of rock drilling. Manufactured only by Severance fe Holt, 16 Wall st., New York. Tempered steel spiral springs made to order. John Chatillon, 91 and 93 Cliff st., New York. The Tanite Emery Wheel—see advertisement on inside page. For solid wrought-iron beams, etc., see advertisement. Address Union Iron Millo, Pittsburgh, Pa., for lithograph, etc. Machinists, boiler makers, tinners, and workers of sheet metals read advertisement of Parker's Power Presses. Diamond carbon, formed into wedge or other shapes for pointing and edging tools or cutters for driUing and working stone, etc. Send stamp for circular. John Dickinson, 64 Nassau st.. New York. Manufacturers requiring a mechanic Superintendant or Business Manager, please address Engineer, care W. E. Church. 14 Wall st.,N.Y. The paper that meets the eye of manufacturers throughout the United States—The Boston Bulletin. $4-00 a year. Adv'g 17c. a line. Wiftans' boiler powder, 11 Wall St., N. Y., removes Incrustations without injury or foaming 13 years in use. Beware of imitations.