Common report has it that anything, excepting bank checks and business paper. may be forged by the Beau-dry Hammer, made in various sizes by Beaudry & Cunningham, of Boston, Mass. They are being used extensively by wagon makers and cutlery manufacturers. Wood WorkingMachinery. Full line. Williamsport Machine Co., Limited, 110 W. 3d St., Williamsport, Pa. Crescent Solidified Oil and Lubricators. Something new. Crescent Mfg. Co. , Cleveland, O. Packer Ratchet Drills are drop forged from Norway iron and bar steel. Billings & Spencer Co., Hartford,Conn. Iron and Steel Drop Forgings; all kinds to order. Beecher & Peck, New Haven, Conn. Brewers supplied with Pumps for every service by Valley Machine Works. ;Easthampton, Mass. The Champion 6-lever Padlocks have no 2 keys to pass. Security unequaled. Miller Lock Works, Philadelphia, Pa. The Cohannet Mills, of Taunton, Mass., start and stop their electric light machines by Volney W. Mason & Co.s Friction Pulleys. Providence, R. 1. Hull Vapor Cook Stoves—Best in the world; sell everywhere. Agents wanted. Send for catalogue and terms. Hull Vapor Stove Co., Cleveland, Ohio. Peerless LeatherBelting. Best in the world for swift running and electric machines. Arny & Son, Phila. How to Keep Boilers Clean.- Send your address for free 8S page book. Jas. C. Hotchkiss, 86John St., N. Y. The most complete catalogue of Scientific and Mechanical Books ever published will be sent free on application to Munn & Co., 861 Broadway, N. Y. Shafting, Couplings, Hangers, Pulleys. Edison Shafting Mfg. Co.,86 Goerck St., N.Y. Send.for catalogue and prices. Air Compressors, Rock Drills. Jas. Clayton, Bklyn,N.Y. Iron Planer, Lathe, Drill, and other machine tools of modern design. New Haven Mfg. Co., New Haven, Conn. The leading Non-conducting Covering for Boilers, Pipes, etc., is Wm. Berkefelds Fossil Meal Composition : inch thickness radiates less heat than any other covering does with two inches. Sold in dry state by the pound. Fossil Meal Co., 48 Cedar St., N. Y. Every variety of Rubber Belting, Hose, Packing, Gaskets, Springs, Tubing, Rubber Covered Rollers. Deckle Straps, Printers Blankets, manufactured by Boston Belting Co., 226,Devonshire St., Boston, and 70 Reade St., New York. Write to Munn & Co., 361 Broadway, N. Y., for catalogue of Scientific Books for sale by them. Wanted—Patented articles or machinery to manufacture and introduce. Lexington Mfg. Co., Lexington, Ky. Mills, Engines, and Boilers for all purposes and or every description. Send frcirculars. Newell Universal Mill Co., 10 Barclay Street, N. Y. Presses & Dies. Ferracute Mach. Co., Bridgeton, N. J. For Power & Economy, Alcotts Turbine, Mt. Holly, N.J. Send for Monthly Machinery List to the George Place Machinery Company, 121 Chambers and 103 Reade Streets. New York. If an invention has not been patented in the United States for more than one year, it may still be patented in Canada. Cost for Canadian patent. $40. Various other foreign patents may also be obtained. For instructions address Munn & Co., SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN patent agency, 361 Broadway, New York. Guild & Garrisons Steam Pump Works, Brooklyn, N. Y. Steam Pumping Machinery of every description. Send for catalogue. Machinery for Light Manufacturing, on hand and built to order. E. E. Garvin & Co., 139 Center St., N Y. Nickel Plating—Sole manufacturers cast nicke(an-odes, pure nickel salts, polishing compositions, etc. Complete outfit for plating, etc. Hanson, Van Winkle & Co., Newark, N. J., and 92 and 94 Liberty. St., New York. For Steam and Powel. Pumping Machinery of Single and Duplex Pattern, embracing boiler feed, fire and low pressure pumps, independent condensing outfits, vacuum, hydraulic, artesian, and deep well pumps, air compresser, address Geo. F. Blake Mfg. Co., 44 Washington, St., Boston; 97 Liberty St., N. Y. Send for catalogue. Supplement Catalogue—Persons in pursuit of information of any special engineering, mechanical, or scientific subject, can have catalogue of contents of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT sent to them free. The SUPPI.. EMENT contains lengthy articles embracing the whole range of engineering, mechanics, and physical science. Address Munn & Co., Publishers, New York. Send for catalogue of Scientific Books for sale by Munn & Co., 861 Broadway, N. Y. Free on application. Curtis Pressure Regulator and Steam Trap. See p. 365. WoodworkgMachy, RollstoneMach. Co. Adv., p. 364. Catalogue of Books, 128 pages, for Engineers and Electricians, sent free. E. & F. N. Spon, 35 Murray Street, N. Y. Knots, Ties, and Splices. By J. T. Burgess. A Handbook for Seafarers and all who use Cordage. 12mo., cloth, illustrated. London, 1884. Sent, postage prepaid, on receipt of 50 cts., by Munn & Co., New York. We are sole manufacturers of the Fibrous Asbestos Removable Pipe and Boiler Coverings. We make pure asbestos goods of all kinds. The Chalmers-Spence Co., 419 East 8th Street, New York. Chucks—over 100 different kinds and sizes in stock. Specials made to order. A. F. Cushman, Hartford, Ct. Steam Hammers,Improved Hydraulic Jacks, and Tube Expanders. R. Dudgeon, 24 Columbia St., New York. Barrel, Keg, Hogshead, StaveMachy. See adv. p. 270. Nervous, Debilitated Men. You are allowed a/ree trial of thirty 118 of the use of Dr. Dyes Celebrated Voltaic Belt with Electric Suspensory Appliances, for the speedy relief and permanent cure of Nervous Debility, loss of Vitality and Manhood, and all kindred troubles. Also for many other diseases. Complete restoration to health, vigor, and man hood guaranteed. No risk IS incurred. Illustrated pamphlet. with full information, terms, etc., mailed free by addressing Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall, Mich. Emersons lrlr Book of Saws free. Reduced prices /or 1885. 50,000 Sawyers and Lumbermen. Address Emerson, Smith & Co., Limited, Beaver Falls, Pa. Hoisting Engines, Friction Clutch Pulleys, Cut-off Couplings. D. Frisbie & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. A Handbook on the Teeth of Gears, $1. Circular free. Gear Wheels and Gear Cutting. Send for Catalogue S. Geo. B. Grant, 66 Beverly Street, Boston, Mass. Mineral Lands Prospected, Artesian Wells Bored, by Pa. Diamond Drill Co. Box 423, Pottsville, Pa. See p. 398. For best low price Planer and Matcher, and latest improved Sash, Door, and Blind Machinery, send for catalogue to Rowley & Hermance, Williamsport. Pa. i Split Pulleys at low prices, and of same strength and appearance as Whole Pulleys. Yocom & Sons Shafting Works, Drinker St., Philadelphia, Pa.