Dr.Pudduck, in a letter to the London " Lancet," states that camphor is an antidote to that terrible poison—strychnine. An iijtemisensia man, by exposure to cold, was atEsesed with . acute rheumatism, and while he Was so suffering, strychnine was prescribed in doses of the sixteenth of a grain, given three times a day. By mistake the druggist dividedthe grain into six parts, with sugar, instead of sixteen powders. The first dose produced severe twitch-ings, and the second dose threw him into violent convulsions. A messenger was all once dispatched to Dr. 3Mduekr with, the intelligence that his patent'was dysng. He hastily went to him and discovered the mistake by the frightful paroxysms of the sick man. No time was to be lost, he at once prescribed 20 grains of camphor in six ounces of almond mixture, to be taken every two hours. The first dose completely quieted the convulsions! and there was no need of a second.