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Can my smartphone get a virus?

I hear this question a lot. It seems odd that we hear all the time about computers getting viruses or malware, but it isn't too often that you hear of a mobile phone getting a virus. But it happens. Phones are not immune to viruses.

That's why today, I'll be talking about phone viruses and vulnerabilities that affect the major phone operating systems such as AndroidiOSBlackBerry's QNX, and the Windows Phone.

Hopefully, you've listened to my episodes on how to remove viruseshow to prevent them, and the different types of viruses your computer can catch. If you haven't, go ahead and do it now, I'll wait....

Why Are There So Many Infected Computers and So Few Sick Phones?

OK, so the main question is how could there be so many viruses infecting computers, but so few instances of infection when it comes to phones?

The answer lies in how you install software onto your device.

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