We hope our readers will not overlook the iplendid prizes offered for the largest lists of iubscribers—for $1,40, to clubs of twenty and )vor, a journal can be procured abounding in valuable information upon every branch of industry. Those who have taken the Scientific American need no urging, but we should r gard it as a great favor if our subscribers nrould call their neighbors' attention to it. 3an you not recommend it as a paper of rare lsefulness? Do so if you can. Twelve persons are to secure cash prizes payable on the 1st of January next, that time is not far off. We hope not only to profit ourselves, but also fco profit all who will become readers of our paper and competitors for the prizes. We have but two agents, B. S. Hill and J. C. Bartlett, who have any authority to canvass tor subscribers, these gentlemen we know to be reliable and trustworthy. It is our intention to dispense as much as possible with the travelling agency system. We therefore offer prizes of sufficient value to induce our readers to canvass for subscribers in districts where they are known and not distrusted. Subscribers can be sent in at any time until January 1st in competition for the prizes. We do not require that they shall all come from one place, we will mail the paper to any address required. Last year John Marston, an industrious mechanic, of Saratoga Springs, secured a prize of $60 for his efforts in procuring subscribers to this paper, he assured us that ha had very little trouble in obtaining them. It should be understood that our local or travelling agents are not allowed to compete for the prizes.