Bogardus Hoppin, corner of Centre and Duane sts., this city, are engaged at present, in constructing for the corporation a large iron tower for a fire alarm bell to be erected on a lot in McDougal near the corner of Spring street. It will be similar to the one erected by the same firm in 1851, on Thirty-third street, measuring nearly one hundred feet in height by 20 feet diameter. They have also leady an highly ornamental front of six stories in height, and fifty teet in width, for th Messrs. Tatham, to be erected on the lot near tha old church in Beekman street. Also, a tront of five stories, and twenty-five feet wide, for Messrs. Hopkins Bros., to he pla ced next the Grocers' Bank, in Barclay st. and one of similar design for Broadway. These fronts are unique and attractive in their design, and will do much towards introducing a new feature of house building in this city, which will improve the appearance ot our streets by breaking the monotony of the brown stone and brick ironts.