CES 2012: Intel to Power Smart Phones, Create Ultrabook-Tablet Hybrid Devices
Intel played a pivotal role in making PCs ubiquitous by developing a standard processor architecture, and the company intends to work similar magic in smart phones

Microsoft Bids Farewell to Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with Preview of Windows 8 and Two-Way TV
Microsoft kicked off the CES much as the company has done since its first keynote in 1998—extolling the virtues of Windows and promising big things from its operating system in the future

Scientific American Previews the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
The venerable PC will try for a comeback against upstart tablet technology; automobile makers will demonstrate even more ways to transform their vehicles into gadgets on wheels; and content providers will talk up ways to further wed social media and television

PC-Makers Bet On Ultrabooks
With tablets all the rage, non-Apple computer manufacturers are banking on the latest small-laptop style: ultrabooks

1.4-Meter Organic LED TV Sets to Be Unveiled at Consumer Tech Extravaganza
For years manufacturers have tantalized consumers with the promise of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) televisions capable of delivering more brilliant colors (including deeper blacks), and greater levels of contrast and brightness than any other television screen