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The Presidential Debate We Never Had: Climate Change [Video]

A surrogate debate on climate change was held in Washington, D.C., this week by an independent organization advocating for science-related dialogue by candidates for office
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A surrogate presidential candidates' debate on climate change was held at Mott house on Capital Hill, Washington, D.C., on Thursday, featuring Obama campaign representative Kevin Knobloch and former Republican congressman and Delaware governor Mike Castle. 

The debate was moderated by Chris Mooney of ClimateDesk Live and Shawn Otto of, an independent initiative formed in 2007 to ask candidates for political office to address the top science questions currently facing the nation.

For more information on the two presidential candidates' positions on science policy matters, check out this page which lists their answers to 14 questions on topics ranging from clean energy to health care, as well as this in-depth report

Watch live streaming video from climatenexus at

Note: Due to technical difficulties the video does not have audio for the first two minutes.

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