After two more numbers, the present volume of the Scientific American will be closed. We sent notices to nearly 4,000 subscribers last week informing them that the term for which they h a d pre-paid their subscription would expire with this volume. We h ope every one will re-new, and, if posssibl p, secure some neighbor or Mend to join him. We e m ploy no traveling agents, but rely upon the merits of the p u b li cation, and our friends, for keeping up and incre a s ing its circulation. We have never applied to the latter in vain ; and it is o ur intention to still improve the paper, and make it more worthy the patron age of the i ntelligent readin g public than it has ever been before. For terms see prospectus on the last page. It will be seen that clubs of 20 are furnished at $ 1 . 40 per annnm. In wh at way, we ask our readers, can so small an amount be invested to so go od profit. At the end of a year, afte r the grat ifi cation of reading the numbers as they come out weekly, you ha ve a v olume of over 800 pages, illustrated w ith more than 500 handsome original cng1'8vings. WRITE NAMES PLAIN.-Our proof-reader and compositors consider themselves competent to decipher any words in the language, whatever the chirography, with the except ion of proper names. These should always be w ritten v ery pl ai nly when intended for print. Two weeks ago the p ri nters were p uzzled over a name which they fi nally concluded was Hernsh oof, but we have received a l etter fl'om the ge nt lem an saying that it should be Herreshoff-J. B. Herreshoff. He is one of' tile fo ur inven tors of the Dougl afs skate. Coal Oil Patent-Important Case.-A most importan trial, which tested the validity of Young's celebrated coal patent commenced at Edinburgh, Scotland, Scotland, on the 1st and ended on the 7th of last month, before Archibald McNeil, Lord President of the Session, and a jury. Many distinguished men of s cience were examined as witn esses. We will give Ii rather full report of the case in our next number. The patent was sustaiued Suspension Railroad for Broadway.-In along communication to the World Mr. Wm. L. Haskins recommends Wickersham's celebrated railway (illusstrated on page 1 72, Vol. IX. old series, of the SCIIl}1II'TlFIC AMERICAN), for thl! relief of Broadway. He also recommends compressed air for driving tlie cars. Hi. uggestions deserve ani.,enal attentioa.