The reason why England and Scotland have advanced so rapidly in manufacturing in com parison with Ireland was owing to the very limited supply of coal in the latter country. This, it would appear, will happily be no longer a drawback to (a portion at least) Ireland's advancement. The " Banner of Ul ster " says:—mdash; “ We announced on Tuesday last, the disco very of coal at the Marquis of Downshire's salt mine, at Duncrue, near Carrickfergus, and we have now to add that a seam otthe valuable mineral has been reached fully five feet in thickness. This, we believe, is the largest bed of coal hitherto discovered in the north, and competent judges declare its quali ty to be very superior. The depth now ob tained is rather more than 1,000 feet—mdash;800 feet of shaft, and 230 feet of bore. A new shaft is about to be made in the immediate neighborhood or the present one in order that operations may be commenced without delay, to make the rock salt available as an article of commerce.”