A mill of an improved description, for both grinding and shelling corn by one operation, has been invented by Wm. Zimmerman, of Quincy, 111. In this improved arrangement the mill is made to consist of a revolving and stationary grinder, over which latter is placed a hopper connected with the revolving grinder, by two uprights, and made to revolve in a similar manner. The hopper is furnished with several openings, through which, as it rotates, the ears of corn are made to fall on the stationary grinder, where the shelling operation is performed. For this purpose the stationary grinder is provided with slots, into which a series of teeth, belonging to the revolving grinder, are made to fit so that the edges of the slots act against the corn as the revolving grinder turns found. Atter being released from the cob the grain falls through shelling holes at the lower part of the stationary grinder, and is ground into meal between the two grinders, which are for this purpose corrugated on their appropriate sides. The cobs, by adjusting the hopper sufficiently close to the stationary grinder, may also be ground between the two, if desired, but in this case the under side of the hopper must be likewise corrugated. The spindle that forms the shaft for the lower grinder is made hollow for facility of lubricating the step.