The “Mobile Tribune” says :—“Such of our readers as are engaged in the bee culture will be glad to learn that a remedy has been discovered which effectually prevents the ra vages of the bee moth. The frequent and se rious injury caused by this pestiferous insect, has deterred many persons from entering into the business of raising bees, more especially as in some localities the ravages have been so great as nearly to destroy both bees and ho ney. The plan is this :—split joints of cane through the centre and arrange them on the four sides of the hive, with the split side rest ing on the platform. The moth, instead of depositing its eggs under the edge of the hive, will lay them under the split cane. From these depositories they may be removed and destroyed as often as necessary with little trouble. A friend informs us that he knows the plan has been tried and found entirely suc cessful.” Georgia is a model State. She has 860 miles of railroad in operation. Her credit is of the highest order, her six per cent, bonds selling at the highest premium, and she now gives notice of her readiness to pay the inte rest o her bonds for the next six months in 3 advance.