John Lane, Senr., the inventor of the steel plow, died at his residence in Lockport, 111., on the 5th of October, after a brief illness. Mr. Lane emigrated to Illinois in 1833, and in that year invented the steel plow, which is now in general use throughout the West. The value of this invention to the country cannot be estimated. The name of John Lane, Senr., should ever be remembered as one of the great inventors of the country ; and in the West, especially, his memory will ever be cherished as one of its benefactors. He was 65 years of age at the time of his death. -------------#-------------- Windmills are becoming great institutions in San Francisco. They are being extensively employed for pumping up water, propelling the shaft of the machine shop, turning the burr-stones of the flouring mill, c. The weather there is peculiarly adapted to the windmill business, a large supply of wind being constantly in the market and obtainable without money and without price. Appoisted.Elias Yulee, Esq., of Washington Territory, has been appointed to be Assistant Examiner in the Patent Oflice, at a compensation of $1,800 per annum. Mr. Y. 1 was formerly professor in Woodward College, Cincinnati