MESSES EDITORS—I am rather fond of trying experiments on myself, and in consequence make observations that would, perhaps, occur to few others I have just made one on which I should like your opinion, and at the same time communicate the fact to your readers My sight is very good, never by any chance do I use spectacles, and yet for the last fifteen years I have observed that I am longsighted with my left eye, and shortsighted with my night eye ; and I can hear the ticking of a watch at a greater distance with my right ear than with my left I should like to know if this is a common occurrence L R BKEISACH [The reason that one eye or ear is more sensitive than the other, is because each has a separate nerve, and one of these may be constitutionally stronger than the other, or one can be weakened by a bad light on one side, or too much exercise of the one member As to the commonness of the occurrence, we never heard of the fact observed by direct experiment before ; but any of our readers can try for themselves, by holding a watch at gradually increasing distance from each ear, until the ticking cannot be heard, and noting distance each side; a small inkspot on a sheet of white paper will serve to test the eyes—EDS