The visitor for the first time at Saratoga invariably expresses surprise at the great number of springs he finds there, and the variety of mineral ingredients analysis shows the waters of the different springs to contain. For many years waters from the Congress and Empire springs have been very widely known for their medicinal qualities, and an extensive business in bottling and shipping to all' parts of the world has been profitably carried on. But how few, except visitors at Saratoga, have ever heard of' the score and more of other springs within a radius of two miles, each possessing chemical ingreaients in every case, varied in quantity, and generally very unlike in quality. Within a few yards of each other one spring produces a cathartic water, and tlie other gives a water having astringent proptirties. In the first no iron ca,n be detected by chemical analysis, in the other particles of the oxide are Been by the naked eye. Every year new discoveries are made and new springs developed. Last year quite a sensation was produced by the discovery of a sulphur spring, and a (Commodious bathing house, erected after last season closed, has been extensively patronized this year. In removing some rubbisli on the site of a barn, which was burnt last summer near Congress Hall, a new spring was discovered, which has been named " Hathon Spring," after the proprietor of the hotel, by whom it is owned. It has been a favorite water this summer, and is believed by many to be the best cathartic spring yet discovered. Mr. C. R. Brown, the enterprising jeweler on Broadway, opposite the Congress Spring grounds, has recently discovered a spring which he has named " Crystal Spring," on a valuable plot of ground he recently purchased, between his store and the Columbian Hotel, which he is about to have tested, and by next season the public will be invited to try its medicinal merits. An analysis has just been made by Prof. Chandler, of the School of Mines in this city, and his report indicates the vater 1 o contain some valuable properties not to be found in like prox:ortions in any of the many other springs at Saratoga. The spring is loca.ted in a most central position, within a few feet of Broadway,and is more accessible to most of the hotel visitors than even tJie Congress. We hope the owner's sanguine expectations as to the value of his newly-acquired possession may bo fully realized, and from its location and the analysis of the water, we have no doubt of the great value of tSie property. A Block company will probably be formed be- oremany months for carrying on the business of bottling on lu extensive scale. Any one desiring an analysis of either )f the new springs can procure printed copies by inclosing en cents and addressing Mr. Huling, office Saratogian, Saratoga Springs, N. P.