Negotiating relationships and careers is tricky. For scientist and academic couples, in particular, finding a path that fulfills the career and life goals of both partners—while being together—can seem an impossible task. Dubbed the “two-body problem” in a nod to classical physics, the mix of negotiated spouse offers, commutes and tenure-track positions can seem unsolvable (even if the real two-body problem isn’t). So, for Valentine’s Day, whether or not you are a scientist, we want to hear from you. Have you been confronted with these issues? If so, how did you manage to deal with them? Or how do you think you might deal with them in the future?

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The poll will remain open through 5 P.M. Eastern time, Friday, February 28. Please fill it out below, choosing one answer for each question. We will be posting the results in our Observations blog on the SA Blog Network in early March.

The last question of the poll is open-ended; we encourage you to give us more details about your own personal experience with the two-body problem. We may quote from these responses in the write-up of the poll results. If you don’t mind having these details included, please also include your name, location and other relevant details. (You may also choose to remain anonymous, but the more details we have, the more meaningful and relevant to others your story will be).