Earth 3.0 Resources in Film and Online

From Scientific American Earth 3.0: Games, activities, books and films designed to inspire a greener lifestyle

Find Green Businesses
Search for organic restaurants and green cleaning services on Ecovian, a guide to eco-friendly businesses in certain U.S. cities. The site rates the businesses on a scale of “greenness.”

Recycle Everything
Newspapers and aluminum cans are relatively easy to recycle. Earth911 is a database of where to recycle less conventional items—everything from printer cartridges and televisions to paint, car parts, asbestos and even explosives.

Free Money
Tax credits, rebates and other incentives in your state for all kinds of home and business projects that save energy or use renewable power can be found at the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.

Just Shoe It
Recycle your old kicks by dropping them off at one of 300 locations worldwide sponsored by Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program. The shoes are turned into materials for synthetic running tracks and tennis courts.

Water Cleanup
Waterways are a precious resource. Volunteer to help monitor water quality and collect trash with local “stream teams” and other groups. The Adopt Your Watershed campaign tracks such initiatives around the country.

Roll Up Your Sleeves
The Clean Up the World campaign, supported by the United Nations Environment Program, helps to coordinate volunteers to plant trees, recycle and participate in many Earth-friendly activities. To date, some 35 million people have taken part. Clean Up the World Weekend in 2009 is September 19–20.

Get Out
The Ecopalooza Green Living Network offers an online calendar of eco-events around the U.S. Feel free to submit your own.

Go Frogging
You might know the calls of birds in your backyard, but if you don’t mind learning a few frog calls you could help scientists monitor amphibian populations throughout the spring and summer.

Frommer’s 500 Places to See before They Disappear
by Holly Hughes, with Larry West (Wiley).
Forget about visiting places before you die. See these natural, cultural and historic spots before they expire.

State of the World 2009: Into a Warming World
by The Worldwatch Institute (W.W. Norton).
This annual climate change handbook provides analyses of and solutions to one of the biggest problems of our time.

This online bookseller based in the U.K. publishes a wide variety of guides on green topics, including growing wild mushrooms and planning your eco-funeral.

Rent It Tonight
Tired of Blockbuster night? Green Planet Films, a nonprofit organization, rents and sells DVDs on topics ranging from the coal and fishing industries to bicycle advocacy and recycling for kids.

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