This valuable and delicious fruit is now in season, and remarkably fine both in size and quality. One of the most scientific and popular cultivators, in answer to a question as to the proper method of eating them, states that it would be well to observe the following rules, namely ; when in health to swallow only the pulp; whenthe bowels are costive, and you wish to relax them, swallow the seeds with the pulp, ejecting the skins.— When you wish to check a too relaxed state of the bowels, swallow the pulp with the skins, ejecting the seeds. Thus may the grape be used as a medicine, while, at the same times it serves as a luxury, unsurpassed by any other cultivated fruit. A man or woman may eat from two to four pounds of ripe grapes per day with benefit It is well to fake them with, or immediately after, your regular meals.